We're rebranding!

Yes, so soon.

When I decided I wanted to create a newsletter about electric cars and the future, I thought what I wanted was to talk about the hard-hitting aspects of how we move in the future and what that means for our planet. It was to be a serious, pioneering newsletter for people already in the industry.

I’m not saying this newsletter still won’t be all of those things. But it’s going to be more.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time is to create electric car content for enthusiasts.

Don’t get me wrong, I could write about tech and green energy all day long but what I really love is cars. I don’t care what shape or format they’re in. After chatting to people on Twitter, I realised there’s a demand for content on what it’s like to live with an electric car as a petrolhead. There’s demand for electric road trip videos. There’s demand for posts on smart charging, green energy, future tech, and everything else around our EV future.

Since I overhauled my personal brand, I figured this newsletter deserved one too. Not just in name and colours but in tone and content.

I’m not sure who I was trying to be when I was only talking about the serious stuff. That’s not me. So let’s welcome a new era (if you can call it that after two posts) of car enthusiast content.

I’m still awaiting my EV so I’m going to hold off on anything big until then. For now, here’s some recommended reading.

Jess Recommends

⚡️ New EV leasing model for Orkney smart energy island - I am OBSESSED with these smart energy islands. I wrote about Orkney’s ReFLEX project for Zap Map today and now I just want to move to a remote place and explore in a silent little EV while renewables power my adventures.

💨 How EVs can save lives - I cycle around my city and nothing is more stressful than sitting behind a car that’s chugging out black fumes. One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is clean air. This is a really interesting article from Irish EVs on the positive impact electric cars will have on driving down pollution.

🌳 Five fantastic parklet designs and why we need more of them - This lovely story talks about parking-space-sized parks and how important they could be in the future. With space for people to relax alongside charging for scooters and parking for bikes, these little spaces could play a vital role in cities.

If you know anyone who is EV-curious, feel free to send them this newsletter.