My first weekend as an EV owner

A mini road trip, the first charge, and car karaoke.

On Friday, I picked up my Renault Zoe. Here I am looking like a teenager* who’s just passed her test. 🚙

*A 32-year-old teenager 🤷‍♀️

I’ve been looking forward to the smoothness of an EV but the 150-or-so miles I did over the weekend were a delight. It’s such a low-fuss car. I did two trips out to the coast on Saturday and Sunday with a very quick rapid charge in between — more because I wanted a coffee than anything else.

We could’ve coped without the charge but coffee was calling me. It was a good excuse.

We’re finally getting a charger installed this week, anyone who follows me on social media will know we had a big of a nightmare with BP Chargemaster (now BP Pulse). We decided to give up on them and turn to a local company that could install a smart charger a little more quickly.

Anglia Car Charging to the rescue! Once the Ohme smart charger is installed, I’ll go through the charging process and exactly why we turned down Renault’s free charger through BP!

🍃 To the countryside

As is standard whenever I get a new car or, more commonly, a press vehicle, I drive out to North Norfolk for a jaunt on some of my favourite roads. We also often pop in to see family but, for obvious reasons, that was a little trickier this time.

The Zoe is a true joy to drive and I had a smile on my face with every little zoom away from lights or junctions. The rest of the driving experience is smooth and calm. There’s a bit of body roll going around corners, which is a stark change from the Abarth, but the trade-off is a comfortable ride.

One of the best things about this car is the Bose sound system. It’s an absolute joy. The crisp, clear sound, thumping bass and ability to go LOUD, is wonderful. I’m trying not to be one of those anti-social drivers but loud renditions of my favourite musical numbers and classic rock ballads was a must. I know everyone loves the peaceful nature of an EV but everyone needs a bit of car karaoke, right?

I’ve got so much cool content to come. Watch this space.

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